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Alma Mater

Hail to Leilehua, Alma Mater Dear, Sing a Joyful Chorus, Sound it far and near. Rally round her banner, We will never fail. Leilehua Alma Mater, Hail! Hail! Hail!

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Leilehua High School Student Association

All Students are required to pay the following fees at the beginning of each year:
Student Government Dues - $10.00
Class Dues - $8.00
All school-wide and class activities are supported with Student Government and Class Dues. Therefore, many activities (e.g. Winterball, proms, school dances, class socials, commencement) are restricted to those students who are current with ALL Student Government and Class Dues.
All students will be issued:
One Student ID:
The student ID must be used for identification purposes to borrow books and to purchase lunches. The ID is also required for participation and entrance to various activities. Each student will be issued an ID at the start of the year. If the student is not available for initial photos there will be various times to take the ID photos in room 28. Lost ID cards can be replaced at a cost of $5.
New/Replacement ID Cards: These are taken before school, during lunch and after school in room 28. New students get this at no charge, replacements are $5.
One Student Agenda:
Each student is responsible for bringing the planner to school on a daily basis and using it for assignments, appointments, activities, etc. The planner also includes hall pass forms, attendance verification forms and school policies and information. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use the planner as a communication tool between school and home. If a student loses his/her planner, a replacement MUST be purchased immediately from room 28 at a cost of $8.00.
Lunch Procedure
Leilehua utilizes the Meal Tracker System, which allows students to use their school ID to purchase lunches. Each ID will have a personal bar code. Each time the school ID is scanned, the appropriate amount will be deducted from the students account. No cash payments will be accepted in the breakfast and lunch lines. Students will not be able to pay for meals on a daily basis.
The suggested minimum deposit amounts are $10 for full pay students and $2 for reduced meal student’s. However, students are free to deposit more money into their account if they wish. Students who qualify for free lunch should deposit money into their accounts if they plan to purchase a second meal per day.

Order forms and payments are accepted in a collection box located in the administration office. Payments may be dropped off during non-instructional time. All payments should be in a sealed envelope with the order form enclosed. Checks should be made out to Department of Education. A minimum $15 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. Orders require a minimum of two workdays for processing.

Co-Curricular Activities

LHS offers many co-curricular activities in which students can participate, including service and special interest clubs. By getting involved, students make new friends and learn valuable life-long skills. Visit the Student Activities Room (28) or the Athletic Office (Gym) for more information.
Student Activities: 622-6583
Athletics: 622-6568

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Chartered Clubs:
Go to Rm28 for details

Key Club
Los Amigos
Leo Club
Nakayoshi Kai
Hiking Club
National Honors Society
Future Farmers of America
Eco Club
Drama Club
Speech and Debate
Archery Club
Oceania Club
FCCLA (Culinary Arts Club)
Math League

Additional Organizations:
Go to Rm28 for details

Credit Union
Peer Mediation

Student Government Opportunities
Go to Rm28 for details

LHSSA Student Council

Class Councils
Executive and Class Boards
City Council Page
Legislative Shadowing
State Student Council
BOE Student Member
State Conference Planner
PTSO Student Member
SCC Student Members

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Athletic Teams

Canoe Paddling
Cross Country
Soft Tennis
Water Polo