Leilehua High School

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Required Registration Documents

Please have the following documents available at time of registration:
*  Proof of tuberculin skin test done within the past year (2 dates are required:  date given and date read)
*  Updated shot records (including Varicella).
*  Physical done within the past year (Form 14)
*  Birth Certificate and/or Passport (Passport required if not a US Citizen)
*  Records from previous school (include IEP if applicable) (Form:  Records Release)
*  Proof of residency (must submit at least one of the following:  utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement)
    - a notarized letter may be needed if living with someone else within the district; along with the above mentioned
*  Photo ID of parent/guardian registering
*  Guardianship and/or custody documents (if necessary)

Other Registration Documents

The following forms must be completed and signed.  (Forms are also available at the Registrar's Office at time of registration):

*  Student Enrollment Form (Form:  SIS-10W)
*  Residential / Parent / Guardian Statement (Form:  RPG-214)
*  Falsification Declaration (Form:  FD-214)
*  McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Questionnaire (Form:  MVA)